Keep it CASH celebrate the music of singer, songwriter and author Johnny Cash, who died in 2003. With an inspired line up of stellar musicians, the band recreate note perfect, the musical legacy of Johnny Cash complete with his iconic baritone voice. The show has toured the UK and abroad for over ten years and is regarded by the music business, critics and press, as the best sounding Cash tribute show on the planet.

"Keep It CASH are a wonder and an anomaly not only entertaining, but a fully engaging and spirited band"   Brighton Free Press. 

   Compare the sound to the other CASH tributes on this Juke Box

Keep It CASH were chosen by 20th Century Fox as the voice of Johnny Cash at the launch of "Walk the Line"

The Band are currently featured as the sound of Johnny Cash on the British Telecom TV advert "Everywhere" 


What the professionals say about the show:

"the most accurate and faithful tribute to Johnny Cash" Steve Massam BBC Radio

"The sound is great, we'd love to catch your show !"  WS "Fluke" Holland

"THE Johnny Cash Tribute " Neil Rudd BBC Radio Humberside and Linclonshire

"Incredible voice, great band" Charles White BBC radio York.  

"When we heard the tapes, we thought it was Johnny Cash" Steve Martin the Soundhouse. 

"They have been Chosen to perform for launch of the film Walk the Line, Some honour indeed!"  Peter Levey BBC Televison.   

"In the depth of Dave Burnhams natural baritone voice, Cash lives on in one of his greatest admirers"  Live music UK Magazine  




Keep It Cash Johnny Cash Tribute band.